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The Roots

The Roots – 2010

Maaya’s solo full original album. All songs are written and produced by Maaya. 



‘地球と人類の癒し’ に捧げられたアルバム。

Vacuum State

Vacuum State – 2007

Vacuum State is the mysterious underground Los Angeles producer/ bassist Sir Colonious Funk, written and recorded over the course of an epic two years, the album captures the sound of a mix of moody instrumentals alongside tracks christened by the lovely bilingual vocals (English and Japanese) of Maaya aka Lady Dragon. Featuring the latest technological advances of dubstep, downtempo hip-hop, experimental electronica and even pop-like melodic hooks, Vacuum State is about to be unleashed upon a world that is finally evolved enough to handle it. For fans of Thievery Corporation, Chemical Brothers, Zero 7, Groove Armada, Moby, Björk, Massive Attack, DJ Shadow and Portishead.

Electronica unit, Vacuum State’s first album. 

このアルバムは、Departureのベーシスト/プロデューサー、Colin Mainとのユニットプロジェクトとして完成された、エレクトロニカアルバム。


Lady Dragon

Lady Dragon – 2006 – Limited Press (Sold Out)

Maaya aka Lady Dragon’s first HipHop album. Maaya self-produced this album in her bedroom, collaborated with numerous producers in different countries in the globe. 

MaayaがLady Dragonとして完成させたフルヒップホップ集。世界各国の複数プロデューサーとのコラボレーション作品。





Departure – 2004

Departure was a groundbreaking 6-piece ensemble of musicians who performed live versions of original electronic dance music including techno, hip-hop, drum n’ bass, jungle and dubstep. Active from 2001-2006, they performed regularly in Los Angeles, including at the long-running drum n’ bass club Respect; and released a self-titled 2004 album on Pie Recordings.


Departureは6人のLAローカルミュージシャンによって編成:Bass / Colin Main, Drums / Greg Camphire, Guiter / Peter Byun, DJ / Charlie Ward, MC / Nongenetic, Vocal and MC / Maaya.


[Pie] This young Los Angeles band was born from the ashes of rave culture, busting out all-the-way-live drum & bass beats for the new underground massive. With Lady Dragon proving the heartfelt vocalizing, their songs are sprawling compositions true to the ethos of influences like LTJ Bukem and Goldie. PL

– URB magazine 2005 March issue.