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Headset “Space Settings” – Plug Research – 2004

LAローカルインディーレーベル、Plug Researchの企画で生まれたHeadset Electronica / HipHopアルバム。

Grasping Claw – Featuring – Lady Dragon, Sach

複数の有名アーティスト、プロデューサーが参加する中で、紅一点、MC / Maaya aka Lady Dragonとして参加。

A-SIDES “Worldwide” – 2010

Drum’n’Bass DJ, A-Sides’s first album. A-Sides remixed one of a Lady Dragon’s song “Lock me or Love me” into drum’n’bass version.

Synthessed – Featuring – Lady Dragon

Drum’n’Bass のDJ、A-SIDESの新アルバムへ参加。

“Lady Dragon”より、A-SIDES が “Lock me or Love me” を抜粋し、”Synthessed”として、Drum’n’Bassにremixしたもの。


Amad-Jamal “Barely Hanging On” – 2010


8 – “Stop F***** Around”ではMaaya aka Lady Dragonとしてフィーチャーされる。

Check this out on JUNO!

Balage  “Going Back” – 2010

Born in Budapest, Balage is a guitarist/producer living in Los Angeles. Working as a session guitarist and as a producer for numerous artists including Chaka Khan, Pink, Sheila E and Bruno Mars. Balage lead his own jazz quartet, toured Europe and had multiple appearances on radio and national TV in Hungary. Balage also regularly works with top producers such as Eric “ET” Thorngren, Mark Paladino and Tom Banghart. 

Balage was one of the producer for Maaya’s “The Roots” album, you can listen to his guitar performance in her album as well. Balage and Maaya also performed numerous shows in venues in Los Angeles.

Meowma “New Tokyo Style” – 1999

Mysterious music composer Meowma released numbers randomly around 1999. Maaya joined in these tunes and they were picked at the music station is called 106.7 KROQ-FM.

ミステリアスな音楽コンポーザー Meowma の手がけたいくつかの作品にMaaya の声を聞くことができる。カジュアルな作品からメッセージ性の高いものまで、Maayaが歌い尽くす。LAのローカルラジオ局、106.7 KROQ-FMでは girly boy が選曲された。